Welcome to Linccell Technology. My name is Lincoln Wamae, Founder and CEO at Linccell Technology. When I started LT a year ago, our mission was clear -We wanted to provide effortless, durable and affordable electric personal mobility for all in Africa. To-date we are on-course with that mission and have designed, built and delivered more than a dozen electric wheelchairs, bicycles and scooters in Kenya. 

 We are looking for awesome individuals to to join our team for roles in operations. finance, sales and marketing.


If  you are passionate, skilled and experienced  in operations, finance, sales and marketing and ready to join  an amazing journey to pioneer and disrupt the personal mobility space in Africa, wed'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us on lincolnwamae17@gmail.com

Lincoln Wamae, CEO and Founder-Linccell Technology



A collection of personal electric mobility products we've built with Love from Kenya!

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